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Enhance your corporate social responsibility while fostering a safer digital community by hosting our complimentary workshop for older adults. By providing this essential service, your business can play a pivotal role in raising awareness about cybercrime prevention among our valued golden adults. 

This workshop will educate participants on identifying online threats, securing personal information, and confidently navigating the digital landscape. By partnering with us, you demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding your customers and the wider community, positioning your business as a responsible and caring industry leader. Don't miss this opportunity to make a lasting impact on cybercrime awareness; let's collaborate to protect our older adults in the digital realm. 
Attendees will:
  • Discover the top internet threats and scams facing elders and what you can do to reduce risk.
  • Understand the hazards and benefits older adults face from ChatGPT and artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Learn techniques to spot key indicators of fraud.
  • Connect with resources to build your knowledge and minimize risk.
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Speaker Profile

Tom Krause is a dedicated and compassionate real estate and cybersecurity professional who gives back to the community by educating groups on the prevalent real estate frauds and cybercrimes that often target older generations.


With humility and a genuine desire to make a difference, he shares his expertise built over thirty years of cumulative knowledge in information systems and cybersecurity to help safeguard our golden generations from falling victim to deceptive schemes in the digital age.

Tom's professional experience includes leadership, supervisory, and operational roles in enterprise information services delivery, cyber and physical security risk, audit, business development, and client retention. 

He has previously served as an adjunct faculty, teaching courses in global business, strategic management, organizational behavior, information security management, project management, and marketing.

His not-for-profit board experiences include founder and president, vice president, at-large director for program development and educational outreach, staff parish relations chair, and council chair.

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In addition to being a licensed real estate agent and accredited Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, Tom holds international certifications as a professional coach, Energy-Leadership Index Master Practitioner, defense supply chain registered practitioner, risk management and system control, and is certified as an information systems security professional. Tom's educational background includes graduating magna cum laude with a B.S. from Indiana Wesleyan University and an M.S. in Management, also from Indiana Wesleyan.

Older people are often considered more susceptible to fraud due to a combination of factors. Here are some reasons why older adults may be targeted or fall victim to fraud more frequently:

Lack of Familiarity

with Technology

Older adults who did not grow up with modern technology may be less experienced in recognizing and navigating potential online scams, phishing attempts, or fraudulent schemes conducted through phone calls or emails.

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